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Shipchandler Setubal port

Shipchandler Sines

Ship Food Supply at Setubal Port

Shipchandler Setubal vast provision stores include rare and exclusive foods and specialty items.

This great selection and variety creates the ability to select provisions for any type of international cuisine: Western, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Norwegian, Greek and German.

Need your food stocks supplied Halal? Shipchandler Setubal’ve got that covered too! All the while you can be assured of freshness, quality, and best value.

Shipchandler Setubal provide, at very competitive prices, high quality fruits & vegetables to vessels calling at the various ports in Setubal Port, Averio, Lisbon and Sines shipchandler

Fresh local vegetables are sourced from our market on a daily basis. To preserve the freshness of our produce & products. These items are warehoused in cool or frozen rooms. These goods are transported in refrigerated vehicles and delivered to the vessel. Shipchandler Setubal can also arrange delivery at anchorage at the request and convenience of the vessels calling in port to Setubal, Averio, Lisbon and Sines Shipchandler Setubal will provide best shipchandler services

Shipchandler Setubal provide complete range of food and food related products with the best quality at competitive prices. The list below just few of many things that Shipchandler Setubal can supply:

  • Frozen and Processed Meats
  • Frozen and Processed Poultry
  • Frozen and Processed Sea Food
  • Fresh, Frozen and Canned Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fresh and Shelf Stable Dairy Products
  • Fresh and Frozen Backery Products
  • Ready to Eat Meals
  • Beverages
  • General Groceries and Spices
  • and much more



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